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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a meet and greet?
    During the initial meet and greet, I will observe your dog's behavior, temperament, and socialization skills. This comprehensive assessment allows me to customize the care and playgroup dynamics to accommodate the unique needs of each individual dog. Simultaneously, the meet and greet provides the dog with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with our daycare or boarding facilities, contributing to a smoother transition when the actual stay takes place. It's crucial to note that while a meet and greet is an integral step in the process, its occurrence doesn't guarantee automatic acceptance. It serves as a pivotal factor in our decision-making process to ensure the well-being and compatibility of each canine guest.
  • My dog is older, can he still be trained?
    Yes! It's never too late to train!
  • What are your prices?
    See My Services page for pricing.
  • How many dogs are in your daycare or boarding total each day?
    The max is four a day. I believe in creating a personalized and enriching experience for each furry friend entrusted to my care. By limiting the number of dogs to four a day, I ensure that I can give each one the attention, love, and quality care they deserve. It's not about quantity for me; it's about fostering a warm and comfortable environment where every dog feels like part of the family. Quality over quantity always, creating a space where tails wag with happiness and trust.
  • What does the evaluation entail?
    Evaluations are used to help me determine which training program is an appropriate starting point for you and your dog. The time will be mostly dedicated to discussing your training goals, any prior experience, and your program preferences. I then put a training plan together and offer you different package options. Evaluation is typically done virtually, don't let that deter you though.... after our call you will receive a in depth email listing what we spoke about, what I can do to help (PLUS explanations for EVERYTHING I recommend), and pricing. I go even further and include free information/recommendations AND references. I truly want you to be successful.
  • What is your Training Method?
    LIMA "Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive" training. LIMA is a philosophy and approach to training dogs that emphasizes using the least intrusive and minimally aversive methods possible to achieve desired behavior.
  • What areas of training do you have experience with?
    Puppy Training Basic through Advanced Obedience Behavior Modification
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