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Positive Dog Trainer



A Bit About Me

Hi my name is Kate!

As a child I knew that I wanted to work with dogs somehow. Sadie my childhood dog is where it all started. Sadie was a Springer Spaniel and so smart. I loved to teach her tricks and show all of my family and friends.


Over the past 16 years I have been able to work under many amazing trainers! From Balanced to FF (Force Free).

I believe in providing the entire picture, what I mean is I don't gatekeep. My lessons are educational, they teach YOU how to train your dog. Why? For you to be successful during and after training you will need to understand what you are doing, why you are doing it and what to do instead. I want you to not need another trainer, I want to provide you all the information you need for a successful start. Why am I not training your dog? Easy! Do you want your dog to listen to you or me?


I understand how important our fur babies are in our lives. My true passion is my love for dogs, and I train the way I choose to live life; with patience, understanding, and effective communication. OPT IN is the most amazing thing! It's the ability to have your dog choose the correct behavior/action on their own, without you needing to intervene all the time. 

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